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Google Earth

- 2 versions -

Download google earth and follow us on our adventure in satellite photos. Cut and paste the coordinates from our journal entries to see where we are located each week.

or even better...

After downloading Google Earth, download this second Cruising Tracker link and open it with Google Earth. This will show a boat graphic of our current location and a track of where we have been. No more having to cut and paste those pesky coordinates. Click on a boat name and follow us and a few other fellow cruisers as we cross the Pacific.

This is where we get to stay connected with you all.

The next few pages tell a bit about who we are, where we are,

how we're getting there and

the adventures we are having along the way.

We are...

A fun little family of four with

A life long dream to sail and see the world,

A lifelong desire to spend as much time together with our family exploring this world,

and here we are.

Though the dreaming and planning began years ago

The journey is beginning now.

Won't you join us and Sail On.

Please take a minute and visit our Thank You page.

Bruce, Lisa, Tristan & Matthew


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